Gail Borotto

Gail Borotto, MITRE – Gail Borotto has worked with processes for over 29 years defining, and building business and system process infrastructures. She is a certified greenbelt in LEAN Six Sigma and has a MA in Organizational Development and Change Management. She is an authorized SEI CMMI and CMM instructor teaching SEI’s 3 day introduction classes and informally briefing shorter versions. She also conducts upgrade CMMI version training. Gail has trained or briefed in DoD, NASA, CBP, MITRE, and many government contracting organizations such as L3, Northrop Grumman, EIS, and EDS. Gail has participated in SEI CMMI maturity level 2, 3, and 4 appraisals and lead process improvement assessments in commercial organizations. She has also managed process improvement efforts, prepared FSAM architecture business function documents, and conducted business process re-engineering for organizations such as NRC, DoD and commercial organizations.